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  • Isla Margarita
  • Bald eagle in mangroves
  • Morning on the Sand Bar
  • Morning light
  • Gray whale spyhopping
  • Magnificent Frigates at a Fish Camp
  • Kiss me, Baby!
  • Isla Magdalena looking to Isla MargaritaIsla Magdalena looking to Isla Margarita
  • Long-billed curlew
  • Marcos plays in the southern mouth of Bahia Almeja
  • Dunes and mangrove mazes of La Amazona

Magdalena Bay Wildlife

To capture the soul of an immense and beautiful landscape

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From breaching grey whales to breeding frigate birds, the scope of this trip is tremendous, and it’s long been our dream to organize it.

Magdalena Bay is the meeting place of two significant ocean currents—the cold California Current coming from Alaska, and the warm Equatorial Countercurrent from across the Pacific. This vortex creates a massive upwelling of nutrients, which supports astonishing biodiversity. It is one of the largest lagoon systems and richest estuarine waters in the world.

Magdalena Bay is a great place to watch wildlife, take photos, go kayaking, and generally experience Baja. Photographer Neil Schulman will be joining us on this special trip to facilitate the photographic element. Shoot scenic landscapes, wildlife, and kayakers having fun. If participants are interested, we could offer a slideshow to the community of Loreto the night after our return.

Explore by kayak, panga (local motorboat), and foot. Enjoy the depth of expertise at your disposal from lifelong local fisherman and guide Marcos Simental and photographer (and comedian) Neil Schulman. Bring wildlife up close with our new top-of-the line high definition Vortex spotting scope.

Itinerary includes 1 hotel night in San Carlos at the beginning of the trip to catch the best tides for the first crossing. We will camp out on the islands for 8 nights, giving opportunity for low-light photography, sunsets, and the spectacle of sunrise as long trains of cormorants and pelicans take flight from the sand bar.

Weather permitting, we will alternate travel days with layover days to make the most of each site, from mangrove mazes to nature-perfect dunes, to a cultural visit to an islands visiting village, to panoramic vistas from hilltops. The first 3 traveling days will be via kayak, between 5 and 11nm per day.

Towards the end of the journey, we will motorboat the 30nm length Almeja Bay, stopping along the way to watch the gray whales. They will just be entering the bay after their long migration from Alaskan waters.

Once we’ve set up camp at the southern mouth of Bahia Almeja, we will spend a day playing in kayaks–there may be some surf on a sand bar nearby! We will also visit a magnificent frigate rookery and a fishing camp, where a genuine local seafood lunch awaits.

From the south end of the bay, a taxi will take us back to Loreto on day 10.

We’ve billed this trip as a Primer to make it accessible to a broad audience. However, there will be opportunities to play in more challenging water at various points on the journey. There will be motorboat support available whenever we move our base between camps/hotel so that people can bring larger photography equipment if desired. We will bring a high-quality spotting scope.

Visit Neil Schulman’s website for a peek at his outdoor photography and writing.

Mag Bay Nature route

Mag Bay route


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