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See the world through a new lens


Great images are equally about what’s behind the camera as what’s in front. Place the camera between one of the world’s stunning landscapes known for its charismatic wildlife and unique plants, and a bucket-list lifetime trip, and you’ve got a story to tell.

Sample route

Join photography coach Neil Schulman in exploring the Loreto National Park by kayak and imagination. Whether you’re a dedicated photographer or a tourist with a camera, enjoy the camaraderie of discussing pictures and the art of seeing. Develop your eye for capturing adventure, wildlife, scenery, and life’s best moments.

Desert and Sea Photography includes all the things you love about the Sea Kayak Baja Mexico’s regular trips–enjoying being on the islands and coastal beaches with kayaks and friends and time to explore, savoring delicious meals with an unbeatable view, refining paddling skills, spending time with family and friends, and learning about the cycles of nature between the world’s youngest ocean and its second-longest peninsula.

Desert and Sea Photography is an Explore trip that takes place at least partly in the Loreto National Park on Carmen and Danzante Islands. These islands are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage listing of the Islands of the Gulf, which calls this listing the richest and most varied of any island-sea property on the World Heritage list.

See images and videos of Neil Schulman’s 2020 Loreto Islands Photography trip.

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