• Hitting the trail
  • White tern, iconic bird of Polynesia
  • Moose far from home
  • Vaqueros on the ridge
  • Romany on Tahanea
  • Captain Henrick on Misty, Tahaa 2012

Something Different!

Baja Mountain Cave Art and Ranch Culture
Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Heart of Polynesia

Ginni here. While I believe in developing deep roots and relationships in a place, there have been a few other locations around the world that I can’t resist wanting to share. These one-of-a-kind trips involve unique places and very special people.

The trips you find on this page grow organically out of my travel experiences. In 2012, I crossed the Pacific with Captain Henrick on his sailboat Misty, and fell in love so many times (not just with the captain)! The Marquesan islands, the Tuamotus, Tahiti, Raiatea, Moorea, Tonga, New Zealand. They were lifetime experiences, and I kept having this nagging question inside of how I could share it with other kayakers. This “affliction” may be the reason I have a kayaking company in the first place!

In addition to paddling someplace and loving it, the other piece that needs to fall into place to be able to offer an international trip, is meeting a local outfitter with whom to organize. Patrice Duval, from the Tahitian island of Moorea, has fulfilled his dream of running kayak tours around the Society Islands. Kayak Nomad Polynesia is now his company. We paddle with them when we are in Polynesia. Russell and Larraine realized their dream of running a kayak company in Auckland, NZ, and provide us the kayaks and logistics necessary to paddle Great Barrier Island.

The mule trip came from crossing that experience off my bucket list… and succumbing to the magic of the mountains, the 4-wheel-drive mules, the canyons, and the genuine, hard-working folks who live there. The cave paintings are just a World Heritage bonus.

More than just kayaking Baja, join us in exploring the world!


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