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Deeper Baja


Baja Mountain Cave Art and Ranch Culture

We at Sea Kayak Baja Mexico believe in developing deep roots and relationships in a place.

The impetus for sharing cultural experiences in Baja has grown organically out of our personal experiences. For Ramon, growing up in the mountain oasis village of San Isidro (near better known La Purisima) has provided inspiration to develop a program so he can share with visitors the unique, cooperative way of that his family lives every day. Keep an eye out for Mountain Oasis trips next season.

For me, going on a mule trip with Trudi Angell to see 10,000-year old cave paintings of the San Francisco Mountains of central Baja was an awakening. After coming to Baja for nearly 20 years, driving by the distant mirage of that mountain range and wondering what wonders it held, curiosity finally won out. I organized a group of friends to go.

The cave paintings were amazing, but it was the people, their way of life, and the experience of the place itself, that blew me away. When I come across a lifetime experience, I have this nagging question inside of how I can share it with other people. This “affliction” may be the reason I have a kayaking company in the first place!

A mule trip or a mountain oasis visit may not be so much of a stretch as you may think, for a company with “sea kayak” in its name. We’ve been weaving cultural interactions into the kayak trips whose routes make it possible to enjoy a meal with a ranch family. The local fishing family at Surf Camp prepares the day’s catch and other specialties for our dinners.

To take the concept of cultural tourism a step deeper, consider this. Because our trips are not assembly lines, our guides are free to express their uniqueness and their culture. We hire passionate, capable people, and turn them lose (within parameters of safety and trip definition) to be themselves. Each has a different combination of strengths and interests, each a different experience of being Mexican, and each is motivated to share his or her genuineness. This is deep cultural tourism, without being kitschy or paternalistic.

Our primary aspiration with the trips that we offer is to do something meaningful. With our lives, with your time, with our experience together. Sharing these one-of-a-kind trips to unique places with very special people certainly fits that larger vision. Besides, it’s all happening on a narrow peninsula between 2 oceans, and there are even pools of water that you can swim in!


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