• Crossing to Isla Danzante
  • Isla Danzante in the sunrise
  • Paddling in the morning light
  • View over Honeymoon Cove
  • Cowry ShellCowry Shell
  • Getting engrossed in photography
  • Cortez Angelfish
  • Isla Danzante with San Miguel blossoms

One Beach Getaway

The Perfect Little Trip

The One Beach Getaway is a guided 2-night taste of the islands in a small package, with no experience necessary. Camp at the same island beach both nights, and explore from there, maximizing your playtime!

Danzante Island is our most popular Getaway destination. Less than 8 miles around, and as little as 2 miles from the closest access point, Danzante Island has the highest number of accessible beaches per mile, plus two hiking trails with stunning overlooks. It has sandy beaches for scenic beauty, and it has pebbly beaches for sand-free camping. It has great snorkeling, even a place called the Aquarium. It has cool things that wash up on the beach. It has spectacular views of the mountains to the west and the sunrise to the east.

Paddle along the fascinating island coastline, and pick out volcanic dikes and eroded “mushroom” rocks. Hike the El Arroyo nature trail and look for lizards. Or just kick back on the beach, swim, read, relax.

We spend time the first day covering safety and steering basics. Our guides are also certified coaches, and love to share their joy of paddling with you!

Single or double sea kayaks are standard equipment for One Beach Getaways, but we are happy to create your private trip if you’d prefer sit-on-tops, or stand-up-paddleboards.

You will find Getaways on our Calendar, but you can also request them anytime (subject to availability of guide and equipment). We work with you to highlight the activities–-or lack of activity-–that your group prefers. Children as young as 12 years old are welcome on any Getaway. Youngsters down to 4 years old are welcome on private Getaways.

La Escapada
Make your family vacation an educational experience on a Spanish-speaking trip. A little like it sounds, la escapada is your escape to an enriching, fun way to practice. Just let us know you’re interested and we’ll do the rest!

One Beach Getaway Prices

Prices per person
Three days, two nights.

One Person Two People Three or More
Coronados or Danzante
$1692 $1092/pax $892/pax
Motor shuttle
$1792 $1122/pax $922/pax
Motor shuttle
Danzante or Carmen
$1892 $1172/pax $952/pax

Kids 4-13yrs (with adult, in double kayak) $450/person.

Contact us about setting up your custom Getaway!

Sample One Beach 3-day Getaway route. A circumnavigation is within reach for the ambitious in sea kayaks.



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