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Three Island Expedition

Exploration, variety, and high mileage

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Do you love to paddle many miles in a day? This trip’s for you! We’ve heard your requests for longer paddling days, and we get it. It’s a big world out there, and it feels good to cover ground and see lots of it!

Please come to this trip in good paddling shape and able to do consecutive 15-20nm days with an empty kayak, because we’re going to going to put a little load in that kayak for your exercise pleasure. The camping also takes a bit of energy, walking around with armloads of stuff on loose terrain, putting up shade, taking down tents, etc. In our experience for most people, your 15nm day here will feel like a 20nm day back home.

Speed and solid dynamic water skills count on this journey. So does awareness and teamwork, both on the water, and off. More than ever this team needs to look out for each other, encourage each other, and help each other out. It’s a bit of a tall order for this to come together in just a week’s trip. For those who are experienced and mentally prepared for the team aspect as well as the paddling, however, it’s a beautiful, and deeply rewarding experience.

The five islands in Loreto National Marine Park each have unique personalities. This expedition aims to visit the 3 most accessible islands in a weeklong journey that averages 13-15nm of paddling a day.

From a 16,000 year-old volcano to shell-laden marine terraces; from colorful cliffs to white sand beaches, the variety of these three islands provides a scenic and inspiring setting.

Isla Coronados is the volcano, with lava feeder tubes frozen in time, looking somewhat like giant petrified cabbages. A colony of sea lions enjoys a haul-out on the more remote NE corner of the island.

Isla del Carmen holds many treasures. Rock hopping and sea caves number among the paddling delights. Geology and snorkeling are both colorful along here, and Salinas is the only ghost town on the islands.

Isla Danzante, the sleeping dragon, takes igneous rock to new artistic expressions. Volcanic dikes, hoodoo peaks, thin purple ash layers, mushroom rocks, and natural arches keep your head turning.

Eder Arreola is excited to lead this trip. He comes from a strong background of team building from working with NOLS, and is the only person in remembered history to have completed a circumnavigation of Isla del Carmen in less than 24 hours.

The Loreto National Marine Park is too beautiful to not enjoy a hike or a peek around underwater along the way as well. Join us for this one and see how much adventure can you pack into one week!


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