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  • Isla Magdalena looking to Isla MargaritaIsla Magdalena looking to Isla Margarita
  • Marcos plays in the southern mouth of Bahia Almeja
  • Long-billed curlew
  • Morning light
  • Morning on the Sand Bar
  • Gray whale spyhopping

Magdalena Bay Wildlife Expedition

The soul of an immense and beautiful landscape

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Bahia Magdalena is a dynamic and exciting place to paddle. Tide races, rocky features, an optional playday in coastal surf. Wind can add an interesting element, and we plan to run with the prevailing wind. A sail might be fun!. We plan 3 layover days, each with access to some exciting “park and play” paddling, in locations so remote that you will never see another kayaker.

Magdalena Bay is also the meeting place of two significant ocean currents—the cold California Current coming from Alaska, and the warm Equatorial Countercurrent from across the Pacific. This vortex creates a massive upwelling of nutrients, which supports astonishing biodiversity. It is one of the largest lagoon systems and richest estuarine waters in the world.

This makes Magdalena Bay a great place to watch wildlife! Creatures come from far and wide to feast from the sea’s bounty. To the banquet come gray whales, dolphins, sea turtles, wintering waterfowl, and even coyotes. Enjoy the depth of expertise at your disposal from lifelong local fisherman and guide Marcos Simental, and the leadership and coaching of Ginni Callahan.

This trip is a self-supported kayak expedition, meaning we carry everything in our kayaks. We will have a resupply of food and water about halfway through. On our resupply day, we will spend an hour in the motorboat watching gray whales which migrate from Alaskan waters each year to breed and calve in Pacific lagoons such as this one.

See photographer Neil Schulman’s photos from the 2017 Mag Bay Photography trip at Neil Schulman’s Photography Blog.

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