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  • Cliffs of eastern Isla del Carmen
  • Monserrate collected shells of the ancient proto-gulf
  • Sharing the joy of discovery
  • Monserrate specializes in color
  • Coronados' volcanic flow frozen in time
  • Lone cardon stands guard over one of Monserrate's richest fossil beds
  • Secret slot
  • Danzante's famous mushroom rock

Loreto Islands Geology Epic

A journey for the curious

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After a wildly successful and fun geology trip on the coast with geologists Frank and Connie last season, we dreamed up this exploration of the Loreto Islands. We take time to look, touch, tap, photograph and ask questions. Lively discussions are accessible to the curious lay-person. Not just geology is fair game to be curious about, but birds, lizards, plants, fish or whatever catches our attention. Intersperse this with enjoyable paddling, snorkeling, hiking, and playing in the wind when we get it.

In a 2-part trip, we will investigate all of the islands in the Loreto National Marine Park that we are allowed to. Part 1 circumnavigates Carmen and Danzante in 12 days. This is followed by a full day (2 nights) in Loreto for restocking and relaxation. Part 2 heads out by kayak to Isla Coronados, then hops a motorboat to Isla Monserrate, which is seldom visited by kayak because of its distance from the shore.

Monserrate has patches of colorful conglomerate rocks on its east side. Its center and west are dominated by inter-glacial marine terraces. A 2-mile wide yellow sand beach spans its north coast, eroding out of the yellow cliffs behind it.

Also on Part 2, we may have the privileged opportunity to investigate Isla Santa Catalina, the most remote in the Loreto National Marine Park. If we don’t end up with the permission, the coast is a terrific backup plan. Starting from the San Cosme hot springs, we will work our way north through a section with crazy volcanic dikes and hike a deep canyon.

Connie and Frank are retired geologists introduced to us by Connie’s brother who paddles with us a lot. They love to share their common interest with others in their lighthearted and welcoming way.

Geo Epic Part 1

Geo Epic Part 2

Loreto Islands Geology Prices

Prices per person
Meals and lodging in Loreto between programs not included.

Part 1 Part 2 Full Program
12 days 11 days 23 days
$2390 $2390 $3990


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