• Mother gray whale and calf
  • Gray whale spyhopping
  • Frigate female and juveniles

Gray Whale Watching in Bahia Magdalena

Drive across the Baja peninsula to Puerto Lopez Mateos and hop in a panga (a local motorboat) in Bahia Magdalena. The best season is from early February to mid-March. November through around January, the migratory birds on the mudflats and the mangroves are also amazing.

Every winter, grey whales migrate to the protection of shallow lagoons of Baja’s Pacific coast to mate and give birth. In the early 1900s, they were hunted here. Whalers killed the babies, knowing the mothers would stay around and could be taken next. Not without a fight, however, which earned them the name “devil fish”.

In recent years, some grey whales became friendly, even bringing their babies up to the boats to be petted. It’s a profound display of species forgiveness. The whales seem especially attracted to pangas with children on them.

The Pacific side is colder than Loreto, especially if there is a breeze. Bring a jacket. Bring a snack, too, as lunch will be in the mid-afternoon on the return trip. The drive takes about 2.5 hours one way, climbing up through the dramatic Sierra la Giganta mountains. Interestingly, there is no “down” on the west side of the mountains. The land slopes gradually to the Pacific lagoons.

Grey Discovery

Grey Discovery is about an 8-hour trip. It includes taxi-van ride across the peninsula, 2 hours in the motorboat, guide, and a restaurant lunch of fish fillet, salad, and a beverage on the way back to Loreto. Full day tour leaves from Loreto around 8am and returns around 5pm.

$145USD  per person

Price does not include tips.

Please contact us to set up your tour!
info@seakayakbajamexico dot com

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