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Overnight Getaways

Spend a night on a desert island. Enjoy the panorama of the Baja night sky. Savor a dinner with the appetite of the open air. Dip your toes in the sea and feel the open possibilities before you.

Depending on your experience and desired level of challenge, you could paddle to the island and back, or get dropped off and picked up by motor boat. Take kayaks or SUPs to play with from the beach or explore the coast. Enjoy snorkeling the shore or hiking the island trails.

Options may be limited by weather. Here are some:

Coronados Volcano Overnight
The closest island to Loreto, Isla Coronados becomes quiet in the afternoon when day-trippers go home. Beaches are white sand. The most popular one has picnic tables, shelters, good shallow-water snorkeling, and a composting toilet. Trails from here lead out the long point and up the volcano. Other beaches are more remote, offering seabirds and solitude. With good fitness, some paddling experience, and good weather, it is possible to paddle out to the island and around it in a day. A motorboat ride to the island is another option to get there for the night, then explore via kayak or SUP.

Danzante Overnight
Danzante offers much in a small space. Nature hikes, white sand beaches, gravel beaches, delightful snorkeling, dramatic geology, stunning views. Paddle out or get dropped off to pack in two days of adventure, or lounge and enjoy the peace. Take the Danzante mushroom challenge and see how many mushroom-shaped rocks you can find along the waterfront.

Isla del Carmen Overnight
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Punta Coyote Overnight
This is the best option if the wind is a little feisty. The protected beach of Punta Coyote makes snorkeling possible even during winter north winds. It’s one of our favorite places for kayak training because of the juxtaposition of protection and dynamic water. The point gives protection right up to the tip where big swells go rolling past. On calm days, the beach is even more accessible, with no long crossings to get there, and the water is even clearer to see the variety of fish and sea life. The beach here is gravel and stones, which at least do not get in your food or tent so much as sand does. Spectacular view of the Sierra la Giganta mountains and Danzante Island.

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