• Fishermen's palapa with hammock and chicken
  • Blue whale fluke
  • Remote coast of the Sierra la Giganta
  • Sunrise over the the sea
  • Irresistible waves!
  • Nine-mile crossing complete. Isla Monserrate.

Custom Expeditions

Multi-day tours, your way. We’ve had sailing tours, club tours, family tours, healers’ retreats. We’ve gone kayak camping with stargazers, musicians, geologists, birdwatchers, fly-fishermen, and enthusiastic beach loungers.

What is your dream trip, and how can we help make it come true?

Would you like to have motor support? Bring the kids? Have a longer trip, a shorter one, a special focus on snorkeling, or coaching, or sailing, or music, or meditation, or art? Do you normally run your own challenging expeditions and want to get to some wild and special places?

We can do that!

Our specialty is working with you to create your guided, custom trip the way you’d like it. Have a look at our existing trips to get ideas, or just contact us and let us know your dreams. We’re happy to accommodate!

Prices vary depending on amenities, number of participants, length of trip, and ratio of youth to adult.
Around $250/person day for 6+ people for 5+ days.
Around $300/person day for 6+ people on shorter trips.
Prices increase for smaller groups.
Planning 9-18 months in advance ensures the best availability, but try us anytime. If we can do it, we’ll take you out next week!

Reserving your Custom Trip:
To reserve the date, we take half the trip price from four participants.
To reserve the kayaks, we’ll need deposits from all participants.
Balance is due in full 30 days prior to trip.

More than 4 months in advance of a custom trip: full refund minus $200/person.
4 months to 60 days advance of trip: refund half of trip value.
Within 60 days of trip: no refund for any reason.

Contact us at
info@seakayakbajamexico dot com
844 925 2252


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