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Notes from the Guide HouseMarch 7, 2015

  • Marcos and Ramon elbow deep in work
  • Kyleen and Andrew prepare
  • Maddie at the computer
  • Gear Wash!

It’s busy around the Baja guide house this afternoon—Marcos & Ramon are just back from a trip, cleaning up & prepping the next. Isabel and her 3 young girls are helping rinse gear. A neighbor boy who likes to be part of the action runs through once in a while.

Maddie prints out documents for upcoming trips and answers questions from various directions. Andrew (from Columbia River Kayaking, here for an upcoming trip) helps wash kayaks.

We have a new/used fridge (our first ever in the guide house) and everyone’s excited about the possibilities it offers, from leftovers to ice cream to ease of trip prep.

Kyleen just returned from a walk, armed with binoculars and bird list. She’s my Slow Boat Farm farm-mate in Washington, and also joining us for the upcoming Natural History of Baja Retreat. She’s been helping since before the others arrived.

And me—I’m taking a moment to breathe among the projects and music and voices and laughter. Beside me on the wall is a little “I love you” note Henrick slipped into my backpack before I left New Zealand last week.

Life is good.



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