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Workshop: Developing Your Leadership

Bring theory to life.

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The Workshop is comprised of adaptable, focused discussions interspersed with activities which lend context to the discussion and put principles into practice.

Everyone has some life experience with leadership in general, whether as a leader or from being affected by leaders. Bring awareness to what is effective leadership, why you’re having success in the areas where you are, and consider how to expand that success into the areas in which you’d like to grow. Round out your existing knowledge. Stay abreast of current best practices. Build confidence and sensitivity.

The Workshop is inspired by British Canoeing’s new Guide Endorsement program, and the Guide Modules that support it. Guide Endorsement is a broader level of care than that of a leader. While the Modules themselves are available to everyone, Guide Endorsement is only available after 2 years of experience as a certified Leader.

Three Guide Modules included:
Trip Planning and Organization
Customer Experience


  • None, more than in interest in leadership. Open to everyone, from career-starters, to guides pursuing endorsement, and anyone in-between


Duration: 6 single days in a row based in Loreto.
Setting: Single day courses based in Loreto. Classroom plus practice in sheltered water.
Craft: A variety. Sea kayak, SOT, SUP, canoe, surfski.
Transportation: Walking to classroom and/or waterfront daily
Available Outcomes:
o Personal learning and development
o Solid foundation for Sea Leader Training
o Excellent step towards Paddlesport Leader assessment
o Recognition for 3 British Canoeing Guide Modules
o Eligibility for Guide Endorsement test (with 2 years of experience as a certified Leader)

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1 Whom are we leading? Discussion and exercises.
Day 2 What do they need to know when? Discussion and exercises.
Day 3 How do we plan a safe outing? Discussion and exercises.
Day 4 Communication and positioning. Discussion and exercises.
Day 5 Input and decision making. Discussion and exercises.
Day 6 Journey with leadership practice and feedback.

Prices per person

Basic Price Includes: coaching, permits, and canoe, SOT, SUP when we use them. Bring your sea kayak.
Convenience Price Includes: coaching, permits, sea kayak and related equipment, and lunch.

Basic Convenience
$1090/person $1190/person

Custom prices available for fewer than 3 people, and for personalized courses in your location.
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