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Coach Course

Core and Sheltered Water

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A Coach is someone motivated by helping others develop. The Coach course covers core techniques for the transmission of knowledge, the development of physical skills, and the general support of someone who is learning. Theory is followed by practical application, which is followed by cycles of debrief, planning, and more practice.

If you already teach paddlers or have solid boating skills in sheltered water and would like a thorough and practical introduction to coaching, join us to move further along your path.

In a bold, exciting move, British Canoeing has overhauled their programs to make them more accessible especially to instructors with life experience, at a level appropriate to their skills, without having to climb the ladder from the first rung.

Our 6-day Loreto-based program includes the generic two day Core Coach Training followed by the 2-day Discipline Specific Training in kayaks in sheltered water. Two more days provide opportunity to coach a variety of real learners with feedback and discussion. If you have British Canoe Union or UKCC certifications already or are familiar with the previous system, this course is similar to the old Level 2.

On this practical course, you will be supported in evolving your personal coaching development plan to enable you to take your learning into practice after the course. Assessment is separate from this training. When passed, the Coach is capable and qualified to plan, deliver and review progressive sessions, and do so safely, effectively and independently.

An online eLearning course is required before showing up to your Coach course. It is free upon pre-registration with British Canoeing and covers the expected prior knowledge so that the course can start with a foundation of vocabulary and concepts in common.

Coach Award Course Guide


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Price includes coaching, paddling equipment, and transfers to launch. Not included are camping or lodging and meals.


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