• A variety of rescues
  • Getting to know the paddle
  • A variety of toys
  • Celebration of stars
  • Bracing basics
  • Fun with family and friends
  • Different strokes

Coach 1 Course

Learning to Teach

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Welcome to the first level in British Canoeing, the international gold standard of paddlesport coaching. Participants are expected to have previously mastered personal paddling skills to 2-star standards. This course teaches techniques for developing these skills in other paddlers.

Held in Tripui, south of Loreto, the official Coach 1 course itself is 4 days long. We also offer 3 preliminary days. Because this course is designed with people in mind who have experience but may have limited access to official courses and assessments, these 3 preliminary days will include the FSRT (Foundation Safety & Rescue Training) and 2-star assessment, which are two of the prerequisites for the Coach 1 course. Even if you took these long ago, please join us for these 3 days if you can because they serve as well to build unity within the class, allow for more specific individual development during the actual Coach 1 portion, offer examples of what will be expected of students later, and generally enhance learning and retention for the Coach 1 certification itself.

If you have not taken these prerequisites but are interested in the course, please contact us immediately. The process of being approved to take the prerequisites together with the course takes time (months, usually).

If you have access to the FSRT and a 2* assessment before this course, we STRONGLY recommend you take them before registering for this course.



The Basic price is designed for guides and paddlers who live here, bring their own paddling equipment, can help out with the transportation for others, make their own camping arrangements, and provide their own breakfasts & lunches. (Dinners are included because this is how we gain access to the classroom.) The Inclusive prices cover all transfers, meals, and paddling equipment. Camping is on the lawn at Tripui Resort, with access to a shared shower/bathroom.

Your price will be adjusted after you’ve been approved for the class and chosen your option.

Four-day Coach 1 Course

  • Basic Rate $890
  • Inclusive w/camping $1190
  • Inclusive with shared room (if available) $1390
  • Inclusive with private room $1740

Three-day Preliminaries (FSRT & 2-star)

  • Basic $350
  • Inclusive w/camping $550
  • Inclusive w/shared room $650
  • Inclusive w/private room $800
  • BCU fees for certifications will apply (2-star assessment $20, FSRT $15).


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Dates & Prices

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Expedition Primer

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