Paddlesport Leader

This course is valuable for guides of sheltered-water day trips, parents of kids who love to play in the water, and people who go paddling with less experienced friends. If you’d like to improve your ability to keep others safe on the water, it’s a super investment in yourself, your peace of mind, and perhaps in your family!

Paddlesports Leaders will be competent in safety, leadership, knowledge, and personal skills for leading a variety of beginner-accessible watercraft in sheltered water. Sheltered water is:

Ungraded sections of slow moving rivers where the group could paddle upstream against the flow (not involving rapids). Areas of open water (e.g. lakes and lochs) where the paddlers are no more than 200 metres offshore and the wind strength does not exceed Beaufort force 3 (10kts, 12mph, no whitecaps). Slow moving estuaries (less than 0.5 Knots)


There is no “official” training course that needs to be taken before assessing as a Paddlesport Leader. If you’re an experienced leader, you can simply assess for the certification. If you’d like to develop your safety, leadership, and decision-making skills, take the training, whether or not you assess.

We offer a 4-day Paddlesport Leader course, which includes British Canoeing’s Foundation Safety & Rescue Training, a practical course of incident-response skills. Also cover leadership techniques such as using your position in the group and in the environment to enhance communication or safety. Learn to anticipate problems and choose effective avoidance tactics. Practice leading a group and get their feedback.

Loreto-Based Itinerary
Day 0 Meet for a brief course overview and to choose equipment.
Day 1 Set goals and protocols. Get wet at the Loreto beach with incident-response skills.
Day 2 Discuss and practice trip planning and leadership.
Day 3 Safety scenarios with debrief, and consolidation of prior learning.
Day 4 Lead a day trip, with feedback.

Prices per person, Basic

Two People Three or Four
per person
per person

Prices per person, Including Lodging

Two People Three or Four
per person
per person


To pass, you must demonstrate good decision-making in the upper levels of the remit, which are half a knot of current and winds to force 3. For assessment, you can choose your craft but need to lead a multi-craft group, which will consist of real paddlers who actually need leading in the environment.

Requirements for assessment:

  • Registration with BC (link LR form online) (fee)
  • 1 day first-aid course & CPR
  • BC member (fee)
  • 16+ years old

One to 2 candidates may be assessed in one day, up to 4 in two days.
Cost: $199 either one or 2 days, depending on number of candidates.
Prices per person

1-2 People
One Day
3-4 People
Two Days
per person
per person


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