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Isla San Jose Builder

One of Baja’s most amazing islands

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Isla San Jose has some of the best rock-hopping in the Gulf, among pinnacles and arches. It’s a relatively relaxed Builder trip in regards to paddling distance, but it’s still a Builder because there are committing stretches, always the potential for wind, and it’s a long way to anywhere, which is partly why we love it! It’s well worth the trip, and the time to explore!

Isla San Jose is home to marine fossils, including sea turtles and small whale bones. It is home to a tenacious ranch family, and a small, defunct salt works. It has mangroves and mountains and red sandstone hills. Isla San Jose is out there!

This trip launches from a fish camp about 2 hours north of La Paz on a genuine Baja dirt road, then works its way out past scenic little Isla San Francisco. We camp a few nights along the dramatic east side, and enjoy a special ranch dinner at Palma Sola Ranch.

The best rock hopping is on the exposed north end, so we’ll pick some good weather to be up there. The west side enjoys magnificent views of the Sierra la Giganta mountains, and a chance to visit San Evaristo for a beachside restaurant treat, water refills, and a peek at some more local culture. Return to the launch after a few more days exploring the coast or the island.

This trip requires special permits for the kayaks, which we only have for some of our boats. Please reserve early to ensure the kayak you’d like. We will meet in La Paz, and return there afterwards.

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