Sea kayaking trips and courses in the Gulf of California
  • Outriggers: Tradition, muscle, and passion.
  • The coral garden
  • Paddling to Taha'a
  • Peaks of Moorea
  • Taputapueta Marae, the most important holy place in Polynesia
  • Sunset over Moorean reef
  • Raiatea and Tahaa Islands (North=right)
  • Ginni in Moorea's Haapiti pass, 2012
  • Faaroa River, Polynesia's only navigable fresh water
  • A motu is a piece of coral reef that forms a little island
  • Lunch break

Heart of Polynesia

An unforgettable trip for paddlers in Tahitian paradise!

We don’t know if we’ll be able to offer this trip again, but if we do, jump on it!
A kayak trip in Polynesia is worth making time for! Since visiting the Tahitian islands with Henrick on the sailboat in 2012, I have been pondering, “how do I share this with other kayakers?”

Near the island of Tahiti sits Raiatea, the spiritual center of Polynesia. It nestles together with Taha’a, the vanilla island, inside one reef system, presenting extensive paddling opportunities protected from the brunt of the Pacific Ocean. The native vibe here is welcoming. The lush greenery is soul-filling.

My enthusiastic French Polynesian friend Patrice Duval followed a lifelong dream to create a sea kayak company in the islands of Tahiti. He developed routes, built local relationships and bought quality equipment.

Complete package of 12-days includes all ground & sea transportation plus food & lodging starting from your arrival to Papeete airport and returning you back there. It also includes several special Polynesian experiences:

  • A ferry to Moorea, the “world’s most beautiful island” and 3-night visit with the following activities.
  • Traditional Polynesian dinner cooked in the ground with local breadfruit, bananas and meats.
  • One-man theatrical presentation on the beach at sunset including making coconut milk, fire dance, and haka man-dance.
  • 3-hour va’a (Polynesian 6-person outrigger canoe) paddle with a local club. The club is sharing not only their canoes, but their technical knowledge, their history, and their passion.
  • Relaxing SUP paddle over the coral gardens to see fishes, rays, and reef sharks.
  • Half-day mountain trek up the verdant slopes of Moorea for amazing vistas. A professional guide will highlight rare native plants and points of interest.
  • Guided mountain trek on Raiatea to appreciate amazing views and to search for endemic tiare apetahi flowers.

The sea kayaking portion is a 7-day circumnavigation of Raiatea and Taha’a in the land of palm trees, vanilla flowers, black pearls, crystal waters, and outrigger canoes. We will camp from our kayaks in pristine and remote places. We will eat many fresh delicacies from the sea. We will stop to snorkel and explore. We will enjoy sunsets and each other’s good company. It’s a place that will touch your heart. Patrice’s genuine enthusiasm for sharing it will bring a smile to your face many, many times.

This trip could be accomplished completely within the protection of the reef that encircles Raiatea and Taha’a, so we labeled the first one as a “Primer”. Opportunities do exist to poke our bows out through the passes and taste the tropical Pacific Ocean swell, and return through another pass. As anywhere, there are balmy days, and windy days, and opportunities to go play in kayaks once we’ve reached the camping beach.

Paddling is a way of life here, and it is a joy to be immersed in such a culture. Unless you have a sailboat with your own kayaks on board, this is your chance to paddle Polynesia right. Good kayaks, likeminded paddlers, premier location, logistics worked out for you. Come see why it’s a dream come true!



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