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The impetus for sharing cultural experiences in Baja comes from our guides’ desires to share their homelands and from our own experiences exploring Baja with those who live here. These are deeply personal journeys.

For example, going on a mule trip with Trudi Angell to see 10,000-year old cave paintings of the San Francisco Mountains of central Baja was an awakening. The cave paintings were amazing, but it was the people, their way of life, and the experience of the place itself, that was the real treasure.

Tete (Ricardo) will be our guide when we do trips such as the Islands by Kayak; Cave Paintings by Mule. He has a gentle way with both people and animals, a keen awareness, and a depth of peace about him. He brought his abundantly capable 7-year old daughter Azucena on our first trip.

Ramon Arce has guided kayak trips with us since he graduated university in 2013. He comes from a village in the mountains called San Isidro. Fresh water springs nourish a hand-made agricultural community known for its dark unprocessed cane sugar cones called “piloncillo” after the nearby basalt monolith of similar shape. Despite setbacks from a couple hurricanes, he has been developing infrastructure for hosting visitors and hopes to make his San Isidro Oasis dream a reality soon!

Taking the concept of cultural tourism a step deeper, our trips are not assembly lines, our guides are free to express their uniqueness, their personalities, and their culture. We hire passionate, capable people, and turn them lose (within parameters of safety and trip definition) to be themselves. Each has a different combination of strengths and interests, each a different experience of being Mexican, and each is motivated to share his or her genuine way of being. This is deep cultural tourism, without being kitschy or paternalistic.

Our primary hope with all our trips is to do something meaningful. With your time, with our lives, with our experience together. We expect you will find these one-of-a-kind trips, to unique places, with very special people, as enriching as we do.


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