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  • the largest animal ever to have inhabited the planetBlue whale

Whale Watching from Loreto

These are panga (local motorboat) tours with a knowledgeable captain/guide. The best season is from January to mid-March.

Every spring, the rich waters of the Loreto National Marine Park draw the world’s largest animal to come feed. This is one of the few places in the world where blue whales consistently come close to land, and scientists have long come here to study them.

Whether you have a scientific bent, or are a nature-lover in general, being in the presence of such giants is awe-inspiring. There are not many animals we get so excited simply to see them breathe!

Blue whales are not alone. Fin whales, the world’s second largest, are actually residents in the Gulf of California, and do come by in springtime as well. Humpbacks are common. Both bottlenose and common dolphins travel here in large pods. California sea lions haul out on remote islands. Sea turtles are around if you’re lucky enough to spot one.

UNESCO’s description of the Gulf Islands World Heritage Site (in which the Loreto National Marine Park is included), states that one third of the world’s cetacean species can be found in the Gulf of California. Sperm whales come in pods in the summer. Orcas have been seen and recorded singing. Pilot whales, and a number of rare cetaceans have been seen off Loreto. What will you see out there?

This amazing experience is private for your group and lasts approximately 5 hours. It includes lunch, life jacket, dry bag, panga (motorboat), captain, guide, and Marine Park permits. Tour leaves from Loreto waterfront around 8am and returns around 1pm.

2 People 3 people 4-6 People
$799/pax $439/pax $319/pax

The waters off Loreto are exposed to weather. For your safety and enjoyment, we don’t send out trips with a forecast of 20kts or more of wind, and start to consider rescheduling with a forecast of 15kts. The more flexible your schedule, the better your chance of seeing wildlife and enjoying your trip.

Please contact us to set up your tour!
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